Delicious Baked Goods Delivery in Stittville & Utica, NY and Surrounding Areas

Taste one of our sweet treats and you'll never be the same

When you need a custom-baked dessert, pastry or bread, Bussonnais Bakery has you covered. We specialize in cookies, cupcakes, cakes, breads, pastries and other delicious baked goods. A few of our popular baked goods delivery options include our champagne cupcakes, cannoli cakes and bread rolls. Any of these delectables are sure to win over just about anyone's taste buds.

Our champagne cupcakes are especially unique because we are the only baked goods delivery provider to make them in the Stittville & Utica, NY area! If you're searching for the perfect dessert or pastry for yourself or an event in the Stittville & Utica, NY area, look no further than Bussonnais Bakery. We are sure to provide:

  • Undeniably delicious treats
  • Convenient delivery options
  • Unique specialty desserts
  • Exceptional customer service

Contact us today to try one of our champagne cupcakes or other specialty desserts in Stittville & Utica, NY.

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